The Government of Manitoba in Canada has agreed to invest C$150m ($110.5m) for improvement works on three highways.

The funding will be used for the rehabilitation of more than 240km of roadway on the Trans-Canada Highway and Provincial Trunk Highways (PTH) 23 and 59.

Manitoba Infrastructure, the department that develops the province’s transportation policy, has identified ten sections across the three highways for resurfacing works.

Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler said: “Our government is committed to improving Manitoba’s transportation infrastructure to ensure the safe and reliable flow of both people and goods.

“Investing in our highways supports economic growth and will have a positive impact on the province for years to come.”

The minister added that construction on some of the roads is set to begin next month.

Meanwhile, work on some planned projects will include removing the existing surface, restoring the road base and resurfacing the multi-layered pavement.

The renovation work will include the rehabilitation of pavements to extend their life and loading capacity.

Schuler added: “We have identified areas for reconstruction and major rehabilitation on three key highways in our province.

“We are making upgrades and performing maintenance on the Trans-Canada and Highway 59 South, which are important routes for trade and tourism, and repairing damage on portions of Highway 23 that occurred during the spring breakup to prevent further closures.”

The government awarded the funding from the C$500m ($368.3m) Manitoba Restart Program, a stimulus package announced in May to facilitate the recovery of the provincial economy following the Covid-19 pandemic.