The New York State Thruway Authority is all set to launch cashless tolling at the Harriman Toll plaza barrier in the overnight hours with operations set to start on at night on 27 September until the following morning.

Once the all-electronic tolling goes live, it will ease congestion at Thruway (I-87) exit 16 Interchange that serves more than 21 million vehicles per annum.

The transition complements the $150m Woodbury Road, Transit and Economic Development Hub, which New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in November.

Cuomo said: “We’re making historic investments to bolster our infrastructure and modernise our transportation network to stay ahead of the curve, and cashless tolling is a key part of that effort.

“Cashless tolling at the Harriman toll plaza will ease congestion for millions of motorists each year and help strengthen the region’s economy by providing greater access to Woodbury’s economic hub.”

“After cashless tolling goes live at the Harriman Toll Barrier, it will become the Thruway’s fourth cashless tolling location.”

The cashless tolling project will convert the Harriman Toll Barrier for northbound traffic while southbound traffic from the Thruway’s ticketed portion of the system will continue to access a modified two-lane toll plaza until the entire system is transformed to cashless tolling by the end of 2020.

Once the new tolling system is fully operational, the existing Harriman Toll Barrier will be removed in several phases.

New York State Thruway Authority acting executive director Matthew Driscoll said: “As one of the most travelled interchanges along the 570-mile New York State Thruway system, travellers using the Harriman Toll Barrier will greatly benefit from the implementation of cashless tolling almost immediately.

“As we continue to implement cashless tolling system-wide by the end of 2020, I encourage all customers to take advantage of E-ZPass and its many benefits, which include saving money.”

After cashless tolling goes live at the Harriman Toll Barrier, it will become the Thruway’s fourth cashless tolling location, in addition to the Gov Mario Cuomo Bridge and Grand Island Bridges.

The authority has urged motorists to sign up for E-ZPass, which provides discount plans and payment options to fit the needs of every motorist.