The UK Government has launched a competition for teenagers and young people to design the electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints of the future.

Known as ‘Eco Innovators’, the competition aims to encourage young Britons aged between seven and 19 years to use their creative and engineering skills for developing EVs charging stations.

Winning designs from each of the two age categories will made into real-life prototypes with support from industry experts. Subsequently, their chargepoint will be showcased at the Electric Vehicle Experience Centre in Milton Keynes.

Future of Mobility Minister Jesse Norman said: “The government’s ambition is for the UK to have one of the best charging infrastructure networks in the world for electric vehicles, as we move towards a zero-emission future.

“I am delighted to be one of the judges of this terrific competition. We will be looking for really imaginative chargepoint designs that can play a big practical role in encouraging more people to buy and drive electric vehicles.”

A judging panel for the competition will include organisations such as the RAC Foundation, the National Grid, the National Transport Design Centre, Design Council, Living Streets, EV Thank You, the office for low-emission vehicles, and government minister Jesse Norman.

UK Science and Innovation Minister Chris Skidmore said: “The UK has an extraordinary engineering history, from Ada Lovelace’s instrumental role in developing the first computer to Frank Whittle inventing the turbojet engine. I want our future to be as innovative as our past and to do that we must boost STEM skills across the country.

“The Engineering: Take a Closer Look campaign will play a crucial role in inspiring the next generation. I am proud to be leading on this important campaign, as we seek to upskill people to meet the challenges of tomorrow through our modern Industrial Strategy.”

The UK Government has set aside £1.5bn to support the transition to greener transport as part of the Road to Zero Strategy, to end the sale of conventional fossil diesel and petrol-fuelled vehicles by 2040.

The ‘Eco Innovators’ competition opens today and will close on 18 October.