The Queensland Government has commenced work on the next stage of its A$60m ($43.8m) Cleveland-Redland Bay Road upgrade in Australia.

Work under the project will generate approximately 99 job opportunities in Redlands.

As part of the government’s ten-year plan for Redlands roads, construction has commenced at the Anita Street intersection along the stretch of Cleveland-Redland Bay Road.

Redlands member Kim Richards said: “Queensland’s ongoing health response means we can continue our plan for economy recovery, which means getting on with a record A$23bn ($16.8bn) transport and roads programme, and delivering a further $1bn in joint roads stimulus since April.

“The LNP cut A$600m ($438.5m) from Queensland’s road budget, but Labour has restored funding and is getting on with the job of building better roads for Redlands.

“From day dot, locals told me they want better local roads, transport and jobs. We’re delivering that with A$60m ($43.8m) for Cleveland-Redland Bay Road, new ferry terminals for our Southern Moreton Bay Islands and more than $20m in upgrades for Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road.”

As part of the government’s A$1bn ($730m) roads package, the road project received an additional A$15m ($10.9m) funding.

The project displayed Labour’s strong record of delivering for Redlands.

The signalised intersection and road widening developed through the Anita Street intersection will manage congestion and safety issues on the road.

This project will facilitate families, businesses and households on Anita Street.

During the work, the government will also conduct necessary leg work for duplicating the road north of the intersection.

Construction on the project will start by clearing the site, setting up site offices and carrying out drainage works.