Intel’s Israel-based driverless car unit Mobileye has received a contract from an undisclosed European automobile manufacturing company for the supply of its self-driving technology.

Advanced technology will be installed in eight million of the European manufacturer’s cars.

Contractual work is expected to begin after the launch of Intel’s EyeQ5 chip in 2021.

Mobile resource management products developer Pointer Telocation and Microsoft have partnered for the development of an artificial intelligence (AI) system to figure out the behavioral patterns of drivers.

Driver behaviour data gathered by Pointer will be fed to the AI system, which will analyse behaviour by incorporating weather conditions, road types and speed limits.

“Chakratec has raised $4.4m through a funding round led by Israeli iArgento Group and Singaporean firm Goldbell.”

Microsoft Azure Cloud services will be used for analysis of the data. The AI system will predict possible accidents based on an individual’s driving history.

Aeris has partnered with Barnacle Parking Enforcement to develop a technology solution based on Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance the vehicle parking enforcement process.

Barnacle Parking has launched a device called Barnacle in 2016. It enables parking officials to stop vehicles with the device installed and allows the owner to disarm it by paying the fine online or dialling a toll-free number.

Aeris will provide its Aeris IoT connectivity platform to monitor parking enforcement activities on Barnacles web app.

The platform will also act as a unique solution to track all the deployed Barnacles and process payments.

Chakratec has raised $4.4m through a funding round led by Israeli iArgento Group and Singaporean firm Goldbell.

The latest funding will enable Chakratec to develop its electric vehicle (EV) charging technology and support three pilot projects.

Advanced high-power batteries developed by Chakratec will have a life of 20 years and will offer a large number of charge and discharge cycles.