Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has secured a membership in the European Road Transport Telematics Implementation Coordination Organisation (ERTICO).

The membership is said to serve RTA’s overall strategy of providing safe and smooth transportation for all.

RTA Traffic and Roads Agency CEO Maitha Bin Adai said: “Under the membership, RTA will engage in a variety of initiatives, deliverables and performance indicators.

“Examples include participation in R&D related to ITS using artificial intelligence, and hosting RTA’s young engineers at the premises of ERTICO in Brussels for a one-month training ITS fields and projects.”

In addition, Adai recently signed membership subscription to ERTICO, highlighting the need to focus on ITS by commissioning research, using open technology and sharing expertise and knowledge.

Adai further added: “The membership package enables RTA to take part in preparing and updating technical specifications and international standards of ITS and review initial results of practical initiatives funded by ERTICO.

“RTA will also have the chance to make visits to experiment sites and have access to a restricted advisory for review and comments, and obtain supporting data about ITS future projects.

“The membership enables RTA to showcase its profile as a key player in the field of smart mobility through meeting with other stakeholders and delegates of ERTICO attending conferences in Europe, America, China and Japan.”

In March, Dubai’s RTA awarded an AED450m ($122.5m) contract to upgrade the Falcon Junction project.

The project involves building two bridges along Al Khaleej Street. The first bridge will stretch 750m northwards, while the second will run 1,075m southwards.

Once complete, it will connect with the Shandagha Bridge (Infinity) Northwards, facilitating traffic movement across Al Shandagha Corridor.