US-based autonomous truck start-up Embark has launched an interoperable self-driving stack that is compatible with all major truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

The Embark Universal Interface (EUI) contains standardised self-driving components and all flexible interfaces needed for truck OEMs to integrate Embark’s autonomous technology into their vehicle platforms.

The company said that the EUI was designed with a focus on the intersection of four platform specifications, making it the industry’s first universal system that can be integrated into any platform.

To achieve universality, Embark designed the EUI in two parts. The first part consists of a standard components package such as sensors and compute system, which was developed after extensive design, testing and analysis.

The second part is a set of physical, electrical and software interfaces that allow the standardised components package to connect to and communicate with any OEM platform’s steering, braking, throttle, telematics, power, chassis and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Embark co-founder and CEO Alex Rodrigues said: “We absolutely believe that integrating with OEMs is the path to market for self-driving trucks.

“We also believe that being cross-compatible and easy to integrate into all OEMs’ vehicles as their level four platforms continue to develop gives us a competitive advantage.”

Bison Transport chief operating officer Trevor Fridfinnson said: “We currently purchase trucks from multiple OEMs, and plan to continue this strategy to optimise the experience for our drivers and meet our total cost of ownership objectives.

“Embark’s investment to integrate its autonomous driving system with the major OEMs will allow us to test and deploy autonomous trucking capabilities without introducing a new OEM into our fleet for that sole purpose.”