Electric mobility infrastructure and network solutions provider Enel X has launched its first electric vehicle (EV) charging corridor, which spans 11 countries on the West Coast of the Americas and along the Andes mountains.

The Pan-American Charging Corridor is part of Enel Groups’ commitment towards UN Sustainable Development Goals, which focuses on providing access to affordable and clean energy while promoting inclusive economic growth.

As part of this initiative, 220 JuiceBox charging points have been installed in 11 countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru.

The company noted that the EV vehicle users will be able to charge their electric car or motorcycle at 196 JuiceBox charging points using the JuicePass app, which allows users to manage all charging services.

Enel X CEO Francesco Venturini said: “We took on the challenge of building a network of charging points using our JuiceBox technology and sending our crews into the most remote locations of Latin America.

“This long-lasting infrastructure project stands as proof of our commitment to promote EVs through the world, making the widespread adoption of electric mobility a possibility, even in faraway locations where electric vehicle charging facilities were not previously available.”

This August, Enel X announced its plans to expand its EV charging network by commencing ‘eRoaming’ connectivity with charging point operator Last Mile Solutions.

The company’s network will now be expanded to more than 50,000 public charging points from around 30,000 that became available in early June.

Under the framework of the Hubject e-mobility platform, Enel X JuicePass app users will be able to charge their EVs.