Enel X is expanding its electric vehicle (EV) charging network by commencing ‘eRoaming’ connectivity with charging point operator Last Mile Solutions, as well as has·to·be and E.ON.

The company’s network will now be expanded to more than 50,000 public charging points from around 30,000 that became available in early June.

Under the framework of the Hubject e-mobility platform, Enel X JuicePass app users will now be able to charge their EVs.

They are not required to sign new contracts and can charge their vehicles in charging points operated by Last Mile Solutions, has·to·be, and E.ON.

Charging can be done on a network of around 20,000 additional charging points that are located in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Enel X CEO Francesco Venturini said: “Through our interoperability partners, as well as through our own network, we connect the entire Mediterranean area from the heel of Italy’s boot to the northern part of Europe, allowing our customers to start moving on European roads again and enjoy summer vacation with no hurdles.

“Furthermore, we’ve recently reached a major milestone in our public charging network deployment plan in Italy, which now crossed the threshold of 10,000 charging points installed and operated by Enel X.”

JuicePass customers can use the app while crossing borders, with one single interface from the Nordics through to Germany, Austria and Switzerland and Italy.

The app provides information related to nearby charging points, their power, the type of connector, real-time availability and flexible tariffs.

By 2022, Enel X is expected to increase its network of public and private charging points made available across the world to approximately 736,000 from the existing 130,000.

The company aims to support the uptake of EVs and the decarbonisation of the transport sector.

The shareholders of the Hubject e-mobility joint venture include Enel X, BMW Group, Bosch, EnBW, Mercedes Benz, Innogy, Siemens, and the Volkswagen Group.