Evie Networks has teamed up with US Cloud software platform EV Connect to build ultra-fast highway charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia.

Evie Networks will leverage EV Connect’s EV Cloud platform to install and manage more than 80 ultra-fast tritium charging points at 42 sites during the project’s first stage.

Charging stations will be located at a distance of nearly 150km, enabling drivers, fleet owners, distributors, and retailers to charge their EVs round the clock.

Evie Networks CEO Chris Mills said: “EV Connect is the most experienced charging software developer in the market, and we are putting that expertise and the EV Connect platform to work with our partners to build a clean, safe, convenient, and dependable EV charging network across the cities, towns, and highways of Australia.

“Based in one of the most mature EV markets in the world, EV Connect brings the experience and capability to reliably connect with a wide range of charging stations and vehicle models. We saw this as critical to providing the dependable charging experience that we want for Australian drivers and partners.”

The EV Connect Cloud-based software platform will enable Evie Networks to manage everything from just one single EV charging site to networks of hundreds of site operators with thousands of sites and ports.

Ultra-fast charging stations use 150kW-350kW DC chargers and can charge an electric vehicle in just ten minutes to run up to 250km.

The new charging stations will also support the Australian Government’s plan to use 50%  electric-powered vehicles by 2030.

EV Connect founder and CEO Jordan Ramer said: “For Australia to fully realise all the benefits of EVs, we have to reduce range and charging anxiety by giving drivers access to charging and information about chargers, no matter where they travel.”