eX2 Technology has received a contract to extend the fibre-optic backbone and intelligent transportation system (ITS) along the I-80/I-90 Indiana Toll Road.

The contract has been awarded by Indiana Toll Road Concession Company (ITRCC).

Under the contract, eX2 will design and build more than 85 miles (137km) of conduit and fibre-optic cable between mile markers 0 to 23 and 92 to 157.

The contract also covers installation of ITS devices along the entire 157 miles (253km) long Indiana Toll Road (ITR) route and many electrical service connections.

In addition, eX2 will install and integrate around 20 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, 13 dynamic message signs (DMS) and a wrong way detection system (WWDS) on two ITR exit ramps.

The WWDS will comprise detection, ‘Wrong Way’ signs with flashing LEDs and an alert that is broadcast to the advanced traffic management system (ATMS) at the ITRCC Control Center.

Furthermore, the contractor will integrate mainline and ramp toll plazas onto the fibre network, which will act as the primary communications route back to the ITRCC Administration Building in Elkhart, Indiana.

Once operational, the system will enable the ITRCC to provide advanced incident messaging, monitor traffic flows, and decrease speeds as required, along with the toll highway system.

In addition, it will also allow ITRCC to detect wrong-way motorists on a select number of ramps.

eX2 Technology executive vice-president Misty Stine said: “We have deep roots in the transportation sector and are dedicated to providing the ITRCC with industry-leading solutions and services to enable a smarter, more connected roadway.”

“It directly aligns with our goal for investing in technologies that reduce incidents along the Indiana Toll Road.”

ITRCC president and CEO Nic Barr said: “This project demonstrates our commitment to providing a safer roadway system for our customers, employees and communities.

“It directly aligns with our goal for investing in technologies that reduce the frequency and severity of incidents along the Indiana Toll Road. We chose to partner with eX2 because of its strong commitment to safety and its proven experience with similar statewide ITS deployments.”

The multi-phased, $34m project started in March, with construction is scheduled to start this month. The project is expected to be completed during the fourth quarter of 2020.