Ferrovial’s US subsidiary Webber has been given an $84m reconstruction contract by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Webber will be responsible for reconstructing a three-mile road stretch of the I-37 motorway in San Patricio County, Texas.

The contract will also involve building auxiliary lanes and bridges, as well as upgrading the existing main lanes.

Webber said that adding auxiliary lanes will enhance the road capacity during emergency situations such as hurricanes.

The contract covers the demolition and construction of bridges over the Nueces River, I-37 North and a frontage road overpass.

Webber will also upgrade existing main lanes and build direct connectors at the junction of I-37 and US 77.

Construction works at the site are expected to begin in September and are scheduled to last for around 65 months.

Webber president and CEO Jose Carlos Esteban said: “We are proud to have been selected to work with TxDOT on this vital project located on one of the state’s hurricane evacuation routes.

“These improvements will help keep the city of Corpus Christi moving safely and efficiently.”

Webber is currently involved in more than 40 projects in Texas and Georgia.

In May, the company was given an $81m contract from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) for rebuilding a section of the Interstate 35 (I-35) motorway in San Marcos.

In March, the company received a contract to upgrade a motorway stretch in Macon, Georgia.

The $229m contract was given to a joint venture between Webber and the South Carolina-based United Infrastructure Group by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

The project includes rebuilding and widening an almost five-mile stretch of the I-16/I-75 motorway, building 21 bridges and rebuilding the I-16/I-75 interchanges. It will also involve building wider shoulders, concrete barriers and lanes along most of this section.