Four companies and one strategic partner have joined the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC) to work on cyber security issues related to connected vehicles.

Google, Oshkosh, Tokai Rika and Qualcomm joined the platform, while SafeRide Technologies will assume the role of strategic partner.

Auto-ISAC is a secured platform for sharing, tracking and analysing intelligence about cyber threats, as well as identifying potential vulnerabilities around connected vehicles.

The move is expected to improve Auto-ISAC’s position in the global auto cyber security information sharing community.

Founded in 2015, Auto-ISAC aims to boost collaboration to tackle vehicle cyber security issues with different stakeholders.

Auto-ISAC chairman Jeff Massimillan said: “Google, Oshkosh Corp, Tokai Rika, Qualcomm and SafeRide Technologies all play critical roles in building the resiliency of our connected vehicle ecosystem, and their contribution to Auto-ISAC is key to our industry’s success.

“Collectively, these companies will contribute valuable information to drive the industry’s proactive work to incorporate strong security measures into every phase of the vehicle lifecycle.”

Auto-ISAC acts as a central hub, which allows users to anonymously submit and receive information to effectively counter cyber threats in real-time.

As a member of the organisation, Google will work towards offering a safe and seamless connected experience for each car.

Auto parts provider Tokai Rika will aid the organisation to observe vulnerabilities, leading to proactive incident response.

SafeRide will offer its AI expertise to support the prevention of cyber security threats in connected and autonomous vehicles.

In 2017, NXP Semiconductors joined Auto-ISAC to offer automotive semiconductors and cyber security applications.