The US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has approved an exemption application from Stoneridge that will allow trucks to operate with its camera technology instead of conventional rear-vision mirrors.

The approval will enable any commercial vehicle to install Stoneridge’s MirrorEye Camera Monitor System (CMS) instead of rear-vision mirrors currently required in the US.

It will run for a period of five years and enable MirrorEye-equipped trucks to operate with an integrated system of cameras and digital displays as an alternative to conventional rear-vision mirrors.

Stoneridge president and CEO Jon DeGaynor said: “This decision will help bring an innovative driver vision technology to market that will greatly improve the safety of everyone who shares the road.

“The MirrorEye CMS empowers truck drivers to avoid potential collisions by the elimination of certain blind spots and increased awareness of the truck’s surroundings.”

“The MirrorEye Camera Monitor System empowers truck drivers to avoid potential collisions by the elimination of certain blind spots, expansion of their field of view and increased awareness of the truck’s surroundings. This exemption allows our customers to fully recognise both the safety and fuel economy benefits of MirrorEye.”

MirrorEye CMS offers three views: wide angle, narrow-angle and passenger-side ‘look-down’. They help to improve field of view and eliminate common blind spots.

All cameras work independently and if any camera fails, the others will continue to display real-time images without interruption.

MirrorEye’s high-definition digital cameras deliver colour night vision, low light sensitivity, reduced glare, and trailer panning capabilities.

The CMS also automatically tracks the end of the trailer to keep it in view, helping to avoid right-hand turn collisions with motorists and pedestrians.

Equipped with the aerodynamic design of the exterior camera arms, the MirrorEye CMS also supports improved fuel economy.