Israel-based technology company Foresight Autonomous Holdings has partnered with the University of Michigan’s (U-M’s) TechLab at Mcity 2021 start-up in the US.

The partners will work to enhance an automotive vision system designed for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AVs).

The University of Michigan’s TechLab at Mcity 2021 start-up is managed by Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE).

As part of this initiative, Foresight will join a one-year programme, which includes a team of students from technical departments at the university.

By joining the one-year programme, Foresight will gain access to a test facility located at the largest automotive hub in the US.

It will also be able to run short-cycle demonstrations to local prospects.

Mcity test facility replicates real communities and roadway environments and is focused on connected and automated testing.

The team will be mentored by Foresight’s Algorithm head, as well as other leading team members of the company.

Foresight CEO Haim Siboni said: “We are thrilled to join TechLab at Mcity and to have access to a leading mobility research and test facility.

“We are hopeful that collaboration with TechLab at Mcity will enhance Foresight’s vision system capabilities to achieve outstanding performance in any lighting and harsh weather conditions, reduce the rate of road accidents and save lives.”

In August 2016, driverless vehicle start-ups Zendrive, PolySync and Civil Maps agreed to join TechLab at Mcity, to develop their driverless vehicle technologies in the Ann Arbor region of Michigan.