Glasgow City Council in the UK is considering building a new pedestrian bridge over the M8 motorway at Sighthill, a housing estate in the Glasgow, Scotland.

The proposed bridge is known as ‘street in the sky’ and will give a new lease of life to commuters in the local area, according to BBC.

Plans for the new structure will be submitted soon. It will replace an existing bridge said to be unfit for purpose.

The construction of the new bridge is part of the £250m Sighthill Transformational Regeneration Area and would be a landmark project in the regeneration scheme, according to the council.

“This new bridge will form a gateway to both Sighthill and the city centre.”

It will be more than 191ft-long and between 66ft to 25ft-wide.

The design of the bridge will ensure that the structure requires minimal maintenance, the council added.

Plans are also being considered to build civic spaces on both sides of the motorway.

Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken told media sources: “This new bridge will form a gateway to both Sighthill and the city centre. For far too long, neighbourhoods just on the periphery of the city centre have been forgotten or abandoned.

“The regeneration will deliver a new neighbourhood within a short walking or cycling distance from the city centre, creating new communities along the canal corridor and delivering for the people and economy in the north of Glasgow.”

Construction of the new bridge is scheduled to commence in the middle of next year, with completion expected by 2020.