Israel-based infiniDome has launched a new solution designed to combat cyberattacks on the GPS systems of commercial and consumer vehicles.

The GPS cyber protection solution, named OtoSphere, is designed to detect attacks, alert the security operation centre, and ensure normal operations.

InfiniDome CEO Omer Sharar said: “Cash-in-transit, high-end cargo transportation and autonomous vehicle applications all depend on GPS for localisation, timing and monitoring. Without protection, all of these applications are completely disabled today by a $30 GPS jammer bought online.”

OtoSphere can be retrofitted to any GPS system by placing it between the GPS receiver and two antennas. The solution can also be added as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

InfiniDome sales vice-president Ben Sandford said that the solution comes with a GPS Cyber Protection Cloud that procures all attack data from the protected vehicles and triggers real-time attack alerts.

The attack alerts include details such as time, location and its duration. All data is then integrated into the fleet’s security operation centre.

InfiniDome president Ehud Sharar said: “Our innovative technology is field-proven and shipped to numerous customers all over the world.

“Our commercially available products allow the vehicle industry to continue relying on the availability of GPS for navigation, tracking, sensor fusion and V2X, which simply don’t work without it.”

InfiniDome is a cyber start-up operated by Focus Telecom. The company focuses on delivering front-end cyber solutions to protect wireless communications from jamming and spoofing attacks.

Besides protecting autonomous vehicles, infiniDome solutions can be used to prevent cyberattacks on drones and connected fleets.