Iteris, a smart mobility infrastructure management provider, has been selected by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to deploy a near-miss identification system at key intersections in three Florida counties in the US.

The installation of the systems is in support of FDOT’s Driving Down Fatalities traffic safety vision for a congestion and fatality-free transportation system across the state.

According to the two-year software-as-a-service (SaaS) agreement, Iteris, in sole partnership with Advanced Mobility Analytics Group (AMAG), will deploy the Iteris / AMAG near-miss system at key intersections in the City of Lakeland, Seminole County and the City of West Palm Beach.

AMAG is a digital platform provider for proactive road safety analytics and management.

To be delivered as part of Iteris’ SaaS offering, a part of Iteris’ ClearMobility Platform, the near-miss system will allow the state authorities to cut down road accidents through continuous and diagnostic safety evaluations.

The near-miss system will enable FDOT to gain critical insights in order to manage risk for vulnerable road users such as bicyclists and pedestrians, as well as minimising vehicular conflicts.

This solution will offer spatial and temporal insights on crash risk. It will monitor continuous risks in order to help operational decision making and will also assess diagnostic risks to aid in safety planning and management functions.

Future enhancements to the near-miss system may also include a traffic incident alert system that is connected and compatible to automated vehicles, an object identification system and an adaptive traffic signal control for real-time safety optimisation.

Iteris Transportation Systems senior vice-president and general manager Ramin Massoumi said: “By implementing this proactive safety and operational improvement system using innovative and emerging technologies, FDOT is demonstrating its strong commitment to improving the safety for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

“We look forward to leveraging our expertise in arterial and intersection operations, and AMAG’s advanced safety analytics, to deliver this groundbreaking solution, which allows for identification of intersections with high crash risk and assist in determining optimal countermeasures to avoid future crashes in the state of Florida.”

The ClearMobility Platform helps to continuously monitor, visualise and optimise mobility infrastructure. It applies Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, advisory services and managed services to aid in road safety.