Kent County Council in the UK has chosen Yotta’s visualised asset management software solution Horizons for strategic asset management, asset performance monitoring and lifecycle planning.

Horizons will also enable the council to make evidence-based maintenance and investment decisions.

This announcement follows Yotta’s involvement in a successful bid for a tender led by Ginger Lehmann, a highway surveying firm.

Horizons is expected to support the Kent Highways team through targeted asset performance, with improved outcomes for road users across the county.

Yotta will work in collaboration with Ginger Lehmann on the project. Ginger Lehmann bought Yotta’s surveying unit last year.

Ginger Lehmann will offer surveying services to the council and consult with Yotta regarding progress on asset management aspects of the contract, which stands for two years.

Ginger Lehmann will also provide survey data to Yotta for analysis and will offer a programme of how and when it should expect that data.

Horizons will enable the council to identify and prioritise areas where cars are at risk of skidding.

It will enable the council to develop targeted improvement work, build evidence for funding bids and effectively manage and maintain network asset data.

Kent County Council asset team leader Clive Lambourne said: “We are looking forward to working with Ginger Lehmann and Yotta over the next two years to continue surveying the condition of our roads.

“We hope to use their support to ensure our works are delivering the best long term value, take a strategic view of the condition our network and its expected future, and help develop our approach to asset management and data collection going forward.”