The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) in the US has announced that it will begin the Highway 60 Madison Lake and Elysian project next month.

The department will begin the preliminary work of tree trimming and removal along  Highway 60 and from Highway 14 to Highway 13. This will be followed by two construction stages this year.

MnDOT said that the construction work could begin as early as April.

For this project, MnDOT has been working with the cities of Madison Lake and Elysian over the past few years.

The project will see pavement improvements throughout the 17-mile corridor and MnDOT will upgrade pedestrian ramps according to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

As part of the project, two new left-turn lanes and improved pedestrian amenities will be provided.

Madison Lake infrastructure will also be upgraded under the project.

Last June, MnDOT announced a delay in the completion of the Highway 40 bridge in Willmar, a part of the Willmar Wye project.

The delay occurred due to unforeseeable circumstances resulting from an early change in the design-build contracting process.

The completion of the Highway 40 bridge was then rescheduled and paving was pushed to take place in 2021. Overall project completion is scheduled for this year.