Abu Dhabi General Services Company Musanada has announced the completion of renovation work on the Al Faya-Seeh Shuaib E75 road project.

Restoration of the 88km-long section of the road that connects Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain was completed with an investment of AED46.9m ($12.8m).

Musanada partnered with Abu Dhabi Police and the UAE Department of Transport to accelerate the project and keep the road clear during the project completion period.

Under the contract, Musanada was responsible for repairing, removal, and replacement schemes on the road, including fixing asphalt defects and side shoulders.

As part of the contract, the company also carried out the restoration of some damaged bridge expansion joints.

“The road mainly serves trucks travelling between Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.”

In addition, the contract involved the removal of some guardrails at certain sections of the road with rope rails. Musanada removed accrued sand on the road and renewed surface markings. The company also improved guiding and traffic signs.

The road mainly serves trucks travelling between Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

During the project’s execution period, Musanada said that the company complied with the eco-sustainable requirements regarding the facilities, services and vehicles by using recycled asphalt for construction and paving roads for certain areas, among others.

The UAE Department of Transport said that the project will improve road use and ease traffic and transport of goods around Abu Dhabi city.

Recently, Musanada announced that construction works on its AED237m ($64.5m) internal road and infrastructure project in Al Shamkha was 50% complete.