New York governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that the construction work on Route 11 in St Lawrence and Jefferson Counties has been completed.

The work is part of an $11.1m infrastructure investment that aims to boost military and civilian access to Fort Drum in the North County region.

Cuomo said: “All across New York State, we are making smart infrastructure investments that are building a transportation network fit for the 21st century.

“As the largest employer in the region, making improvements to the surrounding infrastructure of Fort Drum is a top priority for the region. Today’s completed projects will help ensure the North Country continues to be a worthy home for the tenth Mountain Division.”

The project included $2.9m intersection improvement work at US Route 11 and State Route 26 near Fort Drum.

The remaining $8.2m was allocated for bridge replacement on a US Route 11 bridge over the CSX Railroad in St Lawrence County.

New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez said: “US Route 11 is the backbone of North Country transportation infrastructure and Fort Drum is an economic engine for the entire region.

“These investments demonstrate Governor Cuomo’s commitment to the region and the state’s commitment to improving access to Fort Drum and supporting the men and women who live and work in the community.”

The intersection improvement at US Route 11 and State Route 26 was managed by the NYSDOT and commenced earlier in the year.

The work involved the addition of turning lanes at the US Route 11 and State Route 26 intersection, as well as a slip ramp onto State Route 26 that will be used by traffic heading north on US Route 11.

Last month, the State of New York in the US installed around 300 electronic variable message signs (VMS) and cameras to improve safety on the state’s major traffic roads.

The initiative is part of Cuomo’s plans to improve communication, safety and awareness for motorists and travellers in the state.