New York-based architect Fxfowle has designed the world’s longest and tallest spanning arch bridge, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing, in Dubai.

The 1.7km-long 673ft-tall bridge features two separate arches and converges on an artificial island in the middle. Each arch structure touches the island and leaps upward to form the other arch.

The arch design has been influenced by Middle Eastern culture, topography, and the light and script of the region while the rhythmic lines of the structure have been inspired by the refined patterns of Arabic calligraphy.

The six-lane bridge will spread 1,246 feet in the east and 2,000 feet in the west and also feature two light-rail tracks and pedestrian walkways underneath.

The bridge, which has a construction deadline of 2012, will connect the localities of Al Jaddaf and Bur Dubai.