The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) has begun a widening project on the E10 road as part of the Surface Transport Master Plan (STMP) with an initial investment of AED85m ($23.1m).

The project is being undertaken after a call for efficient transport infrastructure. It includes the construction of a fifth lane in both directions on the existing road.

"The department planned the project after undertaking several studies."

The DoT is collaborating with Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council (UPC), Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA), Police and Airports for the project.

Beginning at Sas Al Nakhl, the road stretches to the Abu Dhabi International Airport Interchange for about 9km. A second 7km stretch from Yas Island Interchange to Al Shahama will also be widened.

The DoT plans to narrow the median approximately 3.5m in each direction, and widen the main road with a fifth lane in each direction.

The median is expected to be implanted once the project is complete, scheduled by the fourth quarter of 2014.

The department planned the project after undertaking several studies to chalk out ways to achieve its objective of building an integrated and sustainable road network.

Study results revealed that by widening the existing road, the additional fifth lane could accommodate predicted traffic.

The E10 links various strategic areas between Abu Dhabi Island and Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Shahama Area.