APT Skidata, a UK-based company that offers parking technology solutions, has introduced a wide range of parking barrier systems for the parking operators with advanced ways of managing and controlling their car parks.

The company’s new Power.Gate system features high-resolution displays, paving a new opportunity to communicate and market to the customer.

The display offers high-readability under any light conditions, and can support both static advertising and live video streaming.

APT Skidata managing director Pete Brown said: “These new barriers have been designed with high class material for longevity and in keeping with the modern car park environment.

"The new solutions offer something suitable for every budget with customisable solutions for different applications.

“The barriers are built using components that are almost maintenance free and with a special focus on being energy saving.

"They have been designed and built to last, and with flexible options for upgrades and expansions your investment will always be protected.”

For ticketing, Power.Gate uses APT Skidata’s Coder Unlimited and Coder Basic technology, where systems are equipped with thermal print heads, for flexible ticket processing.

APT Skidata’s Coder Unlimited produces both cross and length-wise barcode ticketing and the Coder Basic technology produces only cross-wise ticketing.

Additionally, an RFID module is also provided and a [email protected] scanner with an optical reader for paper and paperless tickets can be displayed on smartphones.

"The new solutions offer something suitable for every budget with customisable solutions for different applications."

Complementing Power.Gate is Lite.Gate that has been designed and developed to make ticketing easy for touchless RFID transactions and reliable barcode reading.

Lite.Gate is a slender version of Power.Gate with an option to add further modules as required, including a PIN pad or credit card reader.

The third of the new systems, Barrier.Gate, offers a distinctive boundary gate with a barrier boom that can be up to 4.5m long.

Image: APT Skidata presents new parking system in UK. Photo: courtesy of APT Skidata.