The Australian Federal Infrastructure and Transport plans to allocate $220m in federal funding for road projects in Queensland.

The funds will be used on the Warrego Highway upgrade, the Bruce Highway upgrade (southern approach to Cairns and Calliope crossroads), as well as the Yeppen roundabout and bridge upgrade.

The Warrego Highway project will receive $34m for the construction of a new interchange at the intersection between the Warrego and Brisbane Valley highways to improve safety, ease congestion and speed up the movement of freight to and from the Port of Brisbane and Surat Basin.

The Bruce Highway upgrade will receive $72m to build an additional inbound lane through the southern suburbs of Cairns and for the installment of new overpasses to eliminate existing level crossing, providing better facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

$80m has been allocated for Calliope Crossroads on Bruce Highway to build a new interchange at the intersection between the Bruce and Dawson highways near Gladstone.

The remaining $35m will be used for Yeppen roundabout and the bridge upgrade south of Rockhampton.