Bruce Highway

The Queensland Government in Australia is inviting tenders from construction companies for the installation of new overtaking lanes along the Bruce Highway, a major north-south corridor in the state.

This latest fully-federally funded project is part of the government’s recently announced ten-year A$4.1bn ($4.20bn) capital works programme to further improve safety, reduce travel times, lower congestion and improve flood immunity on the Bruce Highway.

The new northbound and southbound overtaking lanes, once constructed, will allow travellers to overtake slower moving vehicles safely, with the first pair to be built south of Dundonald Creek.

Work on the overtaking lanes is expected to commence in July, and will be completed by the end of 2013.

Later this year, contracts will be awarded for the second set of new lanes, which will be located between Broderick Road and Feluga, north of Tully, with construction works expected to start in September.

"Work on the overtaking lanes is expected to commence in July, and will be completed by the end of 2013."

Other major projects that will be executed under the capital works programme include Yeppen south floodplain upgrade, Mackay northern access upgrade, Mackay ring road, Rockhampton northern access corridor, Yeppoon Road to Boundary Road, and North Queensland flood immunity package.

The recent $4.1bn ($4.20bn) funding boost, which takes the total commitment to the highway to A$5.7bn ($5.85bn), will help cut transportation costs and improve national productivity.

The 1,700km-long Bruce Highway connects Brisbane to the state’s major regional and coastal communities, and is a part of the National Land Transport Network. Around 500,000 motorists and truck drivers use the road every day.

Image: Bruce Highway connects Brisbane to Queensland’s major regional and coastal communities. Photo: courtesy of Frances76.