Garage operator iPark has partnered with electric vehicle (EV) charging services subsidiary Beam Charging to provide EV charging services to New York City, New York.

The new EV charging stations will be accessed via the valet attendants, and are located at undergroung parking facilities 332-342 East 34th Street and 300 West 55th Street.

"It is imperative that drivers have access to public charging infrastructure."

CarCharging CEO Michael Farkas said: "In order to sustain EV drivers in urban areas like New York City, it is imperative that drivers who do not have access to a dedicated charging station have access to public charging infrastructure.

"With the support of NYSERDA and partners like iPark, we are able to accommodate these drivers and provide EV charging services throughout New York City."

Beam Charging uses EV Level II charging stations provide 240V with 32amps of power to facilitate quick recharge of an EV’s battery.

EV drivers can also request the GE WattStation Connect Payment card online at CarCharging’s official website, which can be used to initiate use and payment at these stations. Beam Charging stations also accept credit card payments.

Beam Charging’s EV charging stations can be found on the locations map at CarCharging’s website.