Combined mobile phone talking and texting while driving on Californian roads has increased from 75% to 84%, according to the second annual Traffic Safety Survey by the California Office of Traffic Safety in the US.

The survey considered the driving habits of 1,801 Californian drivers and ranked mobile phone talking and texting as the biggest safety problems on the road in 2011, compared to the top problems of 2010 which were speeding and aggressive driving.

Nearly 88% of drivers said they are aware of DUI checkpoints and support them, while people are also aware of the ‘Click It or Ticket’ seatbelt campaign and buckle-up because of it.

Drunk driving was the biggest safety concern of the 18-24 year old age group, at 30.3%, up from 11.5% in 2010.

The survey revealed that 40.4% drivers said they talk less on their phones while driving than 34.5% reported in 2010 because of the hands-free law.