The new Potomac River crossing from Maryland to Virginia, US, has received project funding of $765m from the Maryland government.

To be constructed parallel to the existing 1.7mi (2.73km) bridge, the new bridge will have two traffic lanes and a bicycle and pedestrian path. Construction works will begin in 2020, with completion scheduled for 2023.

Engineering and infrastructure management company, Downer New Zealand, has been awarded a roundabout improvements contract in Queenstown by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

"Construction works will begin in 2020, with completion scheduled for 2023."

Aimed at reducing the traffic at the city centre, the project will improve the existing intersection of State Highway 6 with State Highway 6A, increase the traffic capacity of the roundabout, add a second departure lane and extend two circulating traffic lanes around the existing roundabout.

Under the Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF), the European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed to provide €12m ($12.66m) project assistance, including a €6m ($6.33m) investment grant and a €6m ($6.33m) in technical assistance, to complete the North-South Road Corridor, a strategic part of Republic of Armenia’s transport infrastructure.