The North–South Alternate road corridor in Kyrgyz Republic has received $95.1m in rehabilitation funding, financed by Asian Development Bank, from the Kyrgyzstan Government.

A 70km section of road connecting Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Corridors 1 and 3 will be rehabilitated as part of the project.

The City of Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration has appointed a joint venture (JV) comprising Skanska and MT Højgaard to construct the Hisingsbron Bridge over the Göta älv river in Gothenburg, Sweden.

"Traffic and navigation application provider Waze has partnered with bluetooth beacon manufacturer Bluvision to access its BEEKS plus technology."

The SEK2bn ($232m) contract involves the construction of a vertical-lift bridge, a facility for tram transportation, new roads and control system construction, and demolition of the old bridge.

Construction works will begin in January 2017, while the entire project is slated for completion by 2020.

Traffic and navigation application provider Waze has partnered with bluetooth beacon manufacturer Bluvision to access its BEEKS plus technology.

The technology complements Waze's navigation software, which has been designed to address tunnel navigation in the absence of GPS.

Designed with Waze’s software and Bluvisions’ hardware, the new Waze Beacons are battery-operated micro-controllers that send messages to the users’ smartphone or tablet through bluetooth and thus serve as an alternative to GPS signals.