Freetech Road Recycling Technology has completed the road network of the Sandu Road maintenance project of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China.

The company has used new hot-in-place and modified cold-in-place recycling technologies in the road network project.

Sandu Road has a depth of 25cm roadbase damage, as well as 4cm to 6cm pavement damage, due to the long-term rolling from heavy container trucks.

"This port road maintenance project is the second one for the company in the country."

Freetech utilised the modified cold-in-place recycling technology to repair the deep roadbase damage and hot-in-place recycling technology to repair the pavement damage, as per the situation.

The company noted that it had used 20 days to complete the project, which was originally scheduled to complete in 60 days, and reduced 2/3 of maintenance period.

This port road maintenance project is the second one for the company in the country, which earlier successfully completed Yanjiang road maintenance work of Haimen City, Jiangsu Province.

Freetech also successfully used the combination technology in the G323 state road project.

Hot-in-place technology is used in asphalt pavement maintenance, which restores deteriorated asphalt pavements through heating, scarifying and mixing the damaged asphalt materials with new materials, and minimises the use of new materials.

The technology will be primarily used to repair pavement damages such as cracks, bumps, ruts and holes.