The cost of the 12km link road between Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge has risen by 50% to HKD25bn ($3.2bn), according to the Sing Tao Daily.

According to a source quoted by the daily, if the project is delayed further, the cost will increase even more.

"If additional funds cannot be approved next week and accordingly construction is delayed after June, I would have no confidence that the bridge will be done by 2016," the source added.

The government is expected to seek the Finance Committee’s approval for the additional HKD8.8bn ($1bn) on 27 April 2012.

Hong Kong and Macau, two special administrative regions of China, and the city of Zhuhai are involved in building a linking bridge across the Pearl River Delta (PRD) at a cost of HKD83bn ($10.6bn).

The bridge project is designed to be a major artery for cargo and passengers between the south-western provinces of mainland China and Hong Kong. Following government approval in 2008, Zhuhai and Macau started construction in 2009, but Hong Kong failed to proceed due to challenges from environmentalists.

Hong Kong started working on the main bridge section during the end of 2011 which forced the authorities to boost manpower, working hours and machinery, as well as construction points to ensure the bridge opens as planned by 2016.

Hong Kong’s section of the bridge includes a 12km link road to the main bridge at the edge of Hong Kong’s territorial waters and will cost a minimum of HKD48.5bn ($6.2bn), which was originally estimated at HKD16.2bn ($2bn).

The government will re-tender a three kilometre stretch, which will include constructing ground sections and tunnels, after tenders it received were too high.