Hi Tech Solutions automatic parking

Israel based Hi-Tech Solutions (HTS) has delivered 120 licence plate recognition (LPR) systems for an automatic parking system for a project in Hong Kong.

The systems were sold to HTS’s partner Access Control Systems (ACS), and will be integrated into the entire parking application provided by ACS to Imperial Parking of Hong Kong, a parking operator that operates car parks in Hong Kong.

By using the vehicle licence plate as the primary identifier for the parking application, the project is expected to address the challenges raised by dense city parking.

The system will audit and control the parking revenues from one central location and serve as a centralised service solution for Hong Kong commuters, with enhanced parking subscriptions and discounts in their areas of residence.

Hong Kong is hoping to increase the number of automated parking lots to decrease man power required, boost revenue, lower vandalism in the parking lots and improve the level of service to city residents.

HTS vehicle recognition systems detect and read vehicle licence plates for parking, access control, traffic surveillance, law enforcement and security applications.

In addition, HTS systems provide enhanced vehicle classification, with plate colour and vehicle recognition, as well as country and car model for a wide range of security and logistical applications.

ACS is responsible for the total implementation of the project; it provides turnkey systems to Imperial Parking, including complete management and automation, parking passes, billing, in addition to inventory control. It designs, supplies, installs and maintains car parks and traffic maintenance projects throughout Hong Kong.


Image: The new system will audit and control the parking revenues from one central location. Photo: Hi-Tech Solutions.