Imtech has won orders worth €35m to provide high-tech traffic data solutions and upgrade the existing traffic infrastructure in five European countries.

The company won a contract in Belgium to design special monitoring stations ,which gather traffic data from various motorways for analysis.

In the UK, the company will provide a national traffic information service which will deliver latest road and traffic information to motorway users.

In Sweden, Imtech will compile traffic data on various roads for the national traffic authority, using existing detection loops under the road surface.

The company will deliver a high-tech drainage system in Poland to reduce the flooding on the 10km of low-lying S8 motorway, close to Konotopa in Warsaw which currently causes travel disruption. The drainage system can be remotely controlled with special sensors providing a warning system, including communications to a control centre to help authorities divert vehicles or activate dynamic traffic signals.

Imtech Infra has won an order from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (‘Rijkswaterstaat’) for the renovation of four traffic tunnels in north and south Holland.

The four tunnels include Schiphol tunnel, the Velser tunnel, the Zeeburger tunnel in Noord-Holland and the Noordtunnel in Zuid-Holland.