INRIX has partnered with BMW for the introduction of the industry’s first in-car intermodal navigation system.

The INRIX Intermodal Navigation service will integrate local public transport connections into journey planning. It is to be introduced in BMW ConnectedDrive systems in i3 and i8 electric vehicles.

The system monitors real-time traffic conditions, and alerts drivers on alternative modes of transportation during major delays on local routes.

Upon choosing an alternative mode, the system offers turn-by-turn navigation to the nearest public transport station in time for the next departure.

"The future of the automobile depends on our ability to market mobility."

INRIX Sales and Product senior vice-president Rafay Khan said: "In an increasingly urban, time-compressed and socially-conscious marketplace, the future of the automobile depends on our ability to market mobility as much as it depends on horsepower, styling, or fuel economy.

"It’s our shared goal with customers like BMW to meet drivers’ demands for greater mobility and sustainability in the connected car."

The INRIX EV helps drivers in find out how far they are from a charging station, as well as how to get to them, and whether they are available.

INRIX EV and Intermodal Navigation provide individually and continuously verified information on location, operating hours, number of connectors, supported plug types and voltage as well as availability.

In addition to i3 and i8 EVs, BMW uses INRIX real-time traffic information across all new car models equipped with its Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information (ARTTI) service in 17 countries.