Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) has awarded a contract to International Road Dynamics (IRD) to install port-of-entry (POE) electronic screening systems (ESS) and virtual weigh stations (VWS) for commercial vehicles.

The contract includes supply and installation of Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) and Roadside Operation Credentialing (iROC) systems equipped with License Plate Reader (LPR), USDOT Reader technology, vehicle dimensioning, static scale, video verification, vehicle movement compliance, and operational software.

The system will allow trucks – whose weight, dimensions and credentials are compliant with rules – to bypass the POEs at greater speeds, resulting in less numbers of the vehicles needing verification at inspection stations.

The first phase of the contract has been awarded for one year with an option to extend it by a further four years.

IRD will work with Oklahoma to develop, test, install, and maintain the systems at each location, while in the initial phase the company will deploy the system on Interstate 35 North, Interstate 40 East, and Interstate 40 West for $5m.