Korenix has launched 7+3G gigabit managed switches and 2-channel fibre media converters which will be used for intelligent real-time traffic monitoring in Taiwan.

The converters come with dual fibre and copper ports and the JetCon 2302 single-mode converters are designed to offer cost-effective solutions to provide traffic data up to 30KM in road sites.

The management and MSR redundancy features in the JetNet 5010G 7+3G Giga switches, allowing the transfer of high-bandwidth data.

The system is designed to operate between a temperatue range of -25°C to 75°C as well as provide real-time surveillance and traffic monitoring.

The roadways JetNet 5010G Ethernet switches have been installed where they can collect traffic data, video streams, and violating vehicle’s images from various measurement equipment, traffic control systems as well as cameras using Copper ports.