Hong Kong Transport Authority has awarded a contract to UK highway traffic bollard manufacturer Leafield Environmental for its Night Owl retroreflective, bounce-back sign bollards.

The company has noted that the all-plastic Night Owl will help reduce the cost of bollard replacements as well as vehicle damage from collisions with highway bollards.

The Hong Kong Transport Authority has evaluated the bollards and is currently carrying out extensive trials of the device. Night Owl meets the requirements of Performance Standard 100/NE4 of BS EN 12767:2000, which confirms passive safety of support structures for road equipment. The company said that the items also meets BS 8442:2006 specifications, which is the standard for retroreflective self righting bollards.

Leafield Enviromental said the 300mm diameter circular sign panels have a life span of ten years and can be mounted both the front and rear. In addition, large retroreflective, front and rear conspicuity panels are backed-up by side panels of the same material for increased visibility.

The Night Owl can be installed by surface mounting or with pre-installed in-ground anchors. The company will deliver the devices through its Kowloon-based distributor, and has placed an initial order for 210 units.

Leafield Environmental said Hong Kong has three times as many private cars per kilometre of road compared to the UK, in addition tominibus fleets and some 18 thousand taxis.