The majority of adult drivers in the US admit to being dangerously distracted while behind the wheel, according to a poll by Harris Interactive / HealthDay.

About 86% of adults admit to eating / drinking while driving, 59% talk on a non-hands-free cell phone, 41% adjust their GPS device and 37% text.

The survey of 2,810 adults aged 18 and over, has revealed that 44% feel sleepy while driving and sometimes even momentarily doze, plus nearly 7% to 12% said they drive this way "sometimes or often."

Nearly 36% admit to reading a map and 10% say they do it often or sometimes, while 14% have admitted to applying makeup at least once with 7% doing it frequently.

Also, 13% browse the Internet while driving and 9% do it often / sometimes.

The survey also pointed out that while big percentages of drivers agree that distracting behaviours are dangerous, many still engage in them.