McCain has been awarded a traffic controller cabinet contract by the city government of San Francisco, California, US.

With its new side-by-side front door design, McCain’s MSF60 NEMA controller cabinet reduces door swing and meets all functional requirements of the National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA) TS 2, v 02.06 cabinet specification.

Under the contract, the government will make an initial purchase of 180 new and redesigned MSF60 NEMA TS 2 Type 1 traffic controller cabinets.

The flow of pedestrian traffic plays a key role in the San Francisco’s transportation network, as the city is renowned for its congested streets and high foot traffic.

McCain account manager Diane Hawkins said the cabinet selection allows the government to provide a more safe and comfortable pedestrian experience.

"The move from a bulky, single front-door design to the slimline, dual front-door MSF60 NEMA cabinet is a big win for the city and its residents," Hawkins said.

The MSF60 NEMA design includes a 16-position load bay and maximizes internal cabinet space. All 180 cabinets will be equipped and ready to deploy with a colour-coded field output panel and a GPS unit, which will help the city increase pavement accessibility during times of cabinet maintenance.

The previously used single front-door cabinet obstructed pavements, which restricted the flow of foot traffic, resulting in re-routing and delays.

McCain’s new cabinet with two-door design reduces the occupied space by 50% and minimises obstructions to pedestrian traffic flow.

Image: The MSF60 NEMA cabinet selection allows San Francisco to provide a more safe and comfortable pedestrian experience. Photo: courtesy of McCain.