US-based engineering company Multilink has unveiled a new power supply solution for the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and Department of Transportation markets.

The EP2200-T uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed to provide emergency power to traffic intersections, message signs, as well as surveillance and vehicle detections along the motorway.

Some of its features include intuitive on-board system software, a large display screen for programming, an optional ITS to provide remote access capability using Ethernet communication and a powerful cooling system for safe and efficient operation in extreme climates.

"The use of a versatile, high-quality UPS is a matter of public safety and asset protection."

By using sophisticated surge protection and AVR circuitry, the UPS accepts wide variations of incoming voltage, safely managing spikes and sags. It ensures continuous power supply to valuable equipment, which controls traffic signals or provides up-to-date weather information to motorists, and can easily detect the degradation or loss of commercial power and immediately delivers clean emergency power.

Multilink’s vice-president of transportation products Michael Shaw said that the Sine Wave inverter will immediately take over and continue to supply power to critical loads, in the event incoming commercial power is inaccessible or interrupted entirely.

"The use of a versatile, high-quality UPS is a matter of public safety and asset protection," Shaw said.

"The EP2200-T is designed to enable continued use of critical systems during outages, as well as maintain consistent power quality to important intersection and motorway electronics when commercial power fluctuates."