German traffic monitoring expert traffic data systems has appointed BLIP Systems to introduce a non-intrusive solution to be used on the country’s roads and cities.

BlipTrack collects, analyses and visualises real-time data. The sensors in the system use Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled devices to collect data from passing vehicles. It can also be used to calculate journey times and traffic flow.

Data from third-party data sources such as ANPR cameras, radar, loops can also be analysed.

"Traffic Data Systems’s cooperation with BLIP Systems is a meaningful and strategic partnership."

The collection of data from multiple systems, across multi-modal transport networks, in one central server helps users to evaluate, understand and optimise traffic flows and take necessary decisions to improve infrastructure utilisation and traveller services.

Traffic Data Systems chief executive manager Florian Weiss said: "Traffic Data Systems’s cooperation with BLIP Systems is a meaningful and strategic partnership to provide a wide range of various data traffic acquisition systems to our customers.

"Besides our cutting edge WIM DSP weigh-in motion systems, as well as the loop-based TMCS/TMCS-U counters/classifiers, the BlipTrack solution closes a gap with their non-invasive sensors to measure travel times and speeds. BLIP Systems has many successful installations all over the world and we are confident that the solution also will prove its worth here in Germany."

Real-time data from urban and inter-urban traffic will be actively collected by BLIP Systems and Traffic Data Systems. The use of this new technology will help users better evaluate and optimise road infrastructure and inform motorists about congestion.

BLIP Systems sales director Preben Andersen said: "We see a huge potential for the BlipTrack solution in the German-speaking market and together with Traffic Data Systems, we can provide competitive and customised ITS solutions to road authorities.

"The superior expertise and technical know-how that Traffic Data Systems has in the field of ITS solutions, truly complements our solution. We look forward to take on new territories and are confident that BlipTrack will provide added value to German-speaking customers."

Image: BlipTrack collects, analyses and visualises real-time data to ease traffic. Photo: courtesy of BLIP Systems.