The New Zealand (NZ) Transport Agency, Wellington City Council and the New Zealand police are set to install red light cameras at the intersection of Karo Drive and Victoria Street, on the State Highway 1 inner city bypass, to reduce risk for road users.

Expected to go live in early 2015, the high-tech, digital and dual function cameras will be one of three police-owned red light cameras and can record vehicles that run red lights and/or speed through intersections.

The cameras, which will initially operate only in red-light mode, are said to be part of a wider programme to encourage safer driving through the use of digital camera technology.

"It will raise people’s awareness of the dangers of red light running and pushing the amber."

The other two cameras will be installed at intersections in Auckland.

NZ Transport Agency analysis identified intersections where red light cameras would likely improve road safety and accordingly selected the sites.

Prior to switching to enforcement mode in 2015, the cameras are set to go through a period of rigorous testing.

Greater Wellington has seen the installation of five new digital speed cameras.

NZ Transport Agency Road safety director Ernst Zollner said that the new safety cameras will be rolled out as a means of reducing serious crashes at high risk intersections.

Wellington City Council Transport and Urban Development Committee chair, councillor Andy Foster said: "Red-light running is a terribly dangerous and anti-social behaviour that is almost endemic, and one that can have lethal consequences for motorists and pedestrians alike."

Wellington acting road policing manager Sergeant Ian Martin said: "This camera is being installed at a main arterial route in and out of the city. It will raise people’s awareness of the dangers of red light running and pushing the amber."