Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in Pakistan has deployed software from Tollink to control traffic in the city, under a new agreement.

As per the Rs32m ($653.061m) contract, Tollink has installed the modern traffic control system at 21 busy intersections of Rawalpindi city, including six at Benazir Bhutto Road, four at Saidpur Road, one at Rashid Minhas Road, two at Liaquat Road, one at sixth road and four traffic signals at Airport road.

The control room of the computerised traffic control system, which works with Australian software, is based at Rawalpindi Development Authority’s building.

The city initially installed the system on the most overloaded intersections of the city, and is planning to extend it to other intersections of the town.

Depending on the volume of traffic, the new system measures traffic load at intersections through sensors and turns the signals green and red to control traffic.

The new system has a security camera facility, which is expected to help control crime in the city.