Canada-based Peak Gain Systems has developed a new Simicon Cordon speed camera, which can track up to 32 vehicles at the same time.

Developed in Russia, the toaster-sized camera is equipped to handle heavy traffic, speeding up fines to traffic law-breakers in real-time and issuing tickets to cars that have exceeded the speed limit.

Simicon Cordon speed camera is an all-in-one system, which can detect speeding as well as photograping the car and identifying the licence plate. The incident is then immediately processed for the police officer at the station.

The camera uses algorithm to verify the speed, position and direction of the driver while the license plate technology scans and captures each digit and letter.

Steven Fiter, Peak Gain Systems CEO, told the Daily Mail: "This takes photos on a continuous basis, so it can handle whatever traffic comes by and issue hundreds or even thousands of tickets per hour."

Ilya Barsky from Simicon said: "There is no other photo-capture system that measures plus or minus one mph." Adding that the main feature of camera is to provide an image of the car and the speed of the car at very high accuracy.

Peak Gain Systems is expected to bring it to market in the first quarter of 2012.