Transportation Investment Corporation of British Columbia in Canada is expecting to complete the $3.3bn Port Mann/Highway 1 project by 2013.

Construction on the project began in 2008, which involves building a ten-lane Port Mann Bridge across Fraser River and carrying out improvements on Highway 1 from Vancouver to Langley.

The new bridge will be 2.2km long and 50m wide, supported by cables suspended from two towers in the north and the south approaches. The project also involves widening of 37km of the Highway 1, which includes expanding the seven overpasses and replacing eight interchanges.

The project is 60% complete and forms a part of the provincial Gateway programme, which will improve the movement of people, goods and transit throughout the Lower Mainland.

Completion of all ten lanes on the bridge will allow buses to cross for the first time in more than 20 years and there will be separate lanes for carpooling and cyclists.

The new bridge will open in December 2012, while the total project is expected to be complete by 2013, according to