The Province of North Holland has awarded a contract to TomTom to provide historical congestion and flow information gathered earlier in 2011.

TomTom noted that the granular speed and bottleneck information will enable the province to make informed decisions to upgrade the road network to prevent traffic jams, reduce expenditure and lower CO2 emissions.

TomTom’s historic traffic database (Custom Area Analysis) includes 5 trillion anonymous travel data points, accessed by its community of drivers since 2006.

The Custom Area Analysis tool derives traffic information from various travel points, offering the North Holland Province an overview of traffic problems across the entire network.

The tool will offer updated information on the happenings on a specific route through the data provided by Custom Travel Times.

The deal will help deliver in depth insights into actual driving behaviour allowing for better routing and traffic prediction, as well as allowing the province to optimise its road network, which stretches 5,000 km, the company said.