The Indian state of Rajasthan has awarded a €157m concession contract to the Spanish- Indian Consortium between Sanjose and Supreme for the Jaipur ring road project.

The project involves the construction of a 47km-long, six lane road, two toll stations and 36 structures, including five viaducts and three clover-leaf junctions.

The new ring road project connects with three national highways, which include Agra Road (NH-11), Tonk Road (NH-12), Ajmer Road (NH-8) and a state-highway Malpura Road (SH-12), according to

The road project will allow traffic flow from NH-8 (Delhi Road), NH-11 (Agra Road), NH-12 (Tonk Road) and SH-12 (Malpura Road), by means of clover-leaf junctions, in order to improve traffic flow.

The contract has a 28-year concession period, with an expected approximate turnover of €1.6bn.