Construction company Skanska has signed a ten-year £320m highway maintenance contract from Cambridgeshire County Council in the east of England. 

Under the deal, Skanska will provide a wide range of services that include emergency response and winter services, as well as surfacing and surface treatment works and patching. In addition, services will cover drainage and gully maintenance, street lighting, footway construction and resurfacing.

The ten-year contract is effective from 1 July until 30 June 2027, and will also have an option to extend it for a further five years.

The previous contract started in 2006 and it is the second term for Skanska. 

With the new contract, Skanska has further strengthened its position as a provider of highways maintenance services across the UK.

"Currently, Skanska maintains 17,000km of roads in the country."

Currently, Skanska maintains 17,000km of roads in the country.

Skanska has been active in other parts of the Europe as well.

Earlier this year, the project development and construction company signed a contract with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for the renovation of Ekeberg and Svartdal tunnels on the E6/E18 in Oslo, Norway. 

In addition to road development and maintenance services, Skanska is also engaged in developing commercial properties in certain markets in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary, while the residential development is active in Prague and Warsaw.

The construction firm has a workforce of nearly 16,500 employees in its European operations.